Pokemon Go

  • Game Type
  • Adventure
  • Developer
  • Niantic
  • OS
  • Android
  • License
  • Free

Game Description

Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Pikachu, and many other Pokémon have been discovered on planet Earth. Now is your chance to discover and capture the Pokémon all around you. Put your shoes on, step outside, and explore the world. You’ll join one of three teams and battle for the prestige and ownership of Gyms with your Pokémon at your side.

Pokémon are out there, and you need to find them. As you walk around a neighborhood, your smartphone will vibrate when there’s a Pokémon nearby. Take aim and throw a Poké Ball… You’ll have to stay alert, or it might get away!

Pros & Cons

  • The augmented reality aspect of the game encourages you to go outside and be physical active
  • The game brings people together. You will bump into other players hunting for the same creatures in your area.
  • Discovering new places to catch Pokemons is a fun activity
  • Hunting on Pokemons might lead you to strange places where you can get hurt
  • The game developer gains a lot of data about you and your whereabouts when you play the game
  • The game might stress you out when you play it too long

Game Tags

adventureaugmented realitydiscoveryoutdoorphysical activity

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Download from Google Play (For Android Devices)

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