Jetpack Joyride

  • Game Type
  • Arcade
  • Developer
  • Halfbrick Studios
  • OS
  • Android
  • License
  • Free

Game Description

The objective of the game is to travel as far as possible, collect coins, and avoid hazards such as zappers, missiles and high-intensity laser beams. Contact with any of such obstacles would result in instant death, although Barry's body will tumble and slide for an additional distance upon dying. As the player travels, golden coloured "Spin Tokens" occasionally appear, which the player can collect. At the end of each run, these spin tokens are used in a slot machine (one token gives one spin) which can award the player various prizes, including coins, additional spin tokens, a head-start, a player revival, and explosives that can propel the player's body for an additional distance after death. If the player does not wish to spin the slot, they can cash in all remaining spin tokens for 50 coins each.

Pros & Cons

  • Nice pixel based retro looking graphics
  • Cool power-ups
  • Unpredictable gameplay with random surprises
  • The coins you collect can be used in the shop for upgrades
  • Luck is a big factor in getting a higher score

Game Tags

collect coinsendless runningjetpackrunning gameside scroller

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